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New at The Woods

As the 2018 season comes to an end, we are getting ready for 2019.
As we speak, improvements to the practice range as well as the 11th and 13th tees are being implemented. The range will see ...
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Balmoral Woods Introduces Annual Golf Membership

We are pleased to announce beginning in 2019 Balmoral Woods will be offering a limited number of annual memberships. We offer the following categories:
Single All In
Family All In ...
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What’s all the excitement about?

Chris S: "I should do that more often – I learned tons."
Joel B: "Great ideas I would have never thought of."

What's better than improving your game over 18 holes of golf, while having ...
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Winter Coaching Available in FL and Online

I am excited to announce my plans to offer you winter season coaching in Florida as well as online from any location you may be.
I will be available for coaching at the following facilities in ...
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You’re driving to the club to play golf. What most inspires you about your golf today?
Struggling in the wind. Remember: ‘when it’s breezy, swing easy’.
There’s a little more to it.
The harder you swing, the more spin you’ll impart on the golf ball. With some clubs, especially in some conditions, that’s the last thing you want.
We’re interested in where you rank on a scale from 1 (where golf is a recreational and social past-time) to 5 (it’s all about competitive sport).