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Looking to hit solid golf shots?

As the weather in the north begins to deteriorate, you can actually work on your game effectively with a few simple areas of focus. This video will give you a great way to set yourself up to hit more ... See more

What would you like from us? We are listening

We are in the process of planning and scheduling new Coaching Programs and Golf Events for the 2018 season at Balmoral Woods. Your opinion matters and we ARE listening. Please help us provide you ... See more

Do you want to hit longer drives?

Who doesn't? Too often we look to other areas of our swing and ignore the foundation of our swing - a balanced, braced, set up. If we fail to achieve this solid set up foundation, we will NEVER be ... See more

What do you want for 2018?

Ask yourself this question - what do you want from your 2018 golf season? More golf? Better golf? More fun? Longer drives?
Balmoral Woods and Golf Solutions Academy have you covered on all ...
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Your Hamstrings consist of three muscles that do an awful lot to manage the operation of your lower body.
If you’d like to be able to come to the golf course, even if you haven’t played for a while, and know that you’ll still hit Fairways
Tiger Woods once blamed a poor round on a failure “to activate the glutes”.
This is a simple, solid, very repeatable golf swing that makes it so much easier to hit better golf shots more consistently.