Golf Solutions Academy Coaching Programs 

New programs and innovative technology, so we can help you play better golf and have more fun!

I have many new programs and innovative technology to help you get the most out of your game and increase your ability to play your best, consistently.

We will again offer full bag equipment fitting including golf ball, shoes, and gloves. Too often these pieces of equipment are overlooked and can have a tremendous impact on your ability to score.

I  have the latest technology at my disposal from Foresight Launch Monitor with the addition of the Head Movement Technology – we can analyze the club head movement throughout the swing and even putting stroke plus get real time launch data. This is the same technology used on Tour and by the top equipment manufacturers and players alike.

Specializing in making people smile!

Special Events and Programs

Wedge Schools

Dial in your wedges and develop your "scoring zone" skills with our Wedge Schools at Golf Solutions Academy. Gain an understanding for how wedges are constructed, learn about your personal tendencies and needs, and leave with a custom fit wedge!

Evaluation Days

New this year are Evaluation Days. These special days are a great way for players to see first hand what a coaching program can do for them.  This is geared toward a player who has not taken instruction or wants to check out what is going on prior to committing to a coaching program.

I offer half hour increments on the scheduled days for you to schedule a time to come out and visit me while I analyze your game and recommend a path to success.